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object cloud large

So here’s a cloud of all the objects used in the project – I’m developing the project for The Harley Gallery in Worksop.  Go here jasonmade.com for the interactive version

Exhibition Booklet..


#360. Two warm

two warm

So here it is last object of 2012 (not worth waiting for) but I thought It would be fun to revisit the hot water bottle that I started with all those days ago. I hope you have enjoyed looking at my madcap adventure into playing with the mundane. It’s been fun, hard, exhilarating and confusing, etc… So I will try and continue the odd thing here to keep you amused. If you want 366 objects then add the ones in extra pics… An exhibition of these objects starts 13th January in Scunthorpe At 20 21 Gallery. Thankyou for checking in and your support over the year. All the best for for 2013, regards Jason.

#359. Drawing pin

Drawing pin


Serious play…

#358. Pencil protection

Pencil protect


Drawing pins…

#357. Sharp Pencil

Sharp pencil


This is the only way I’d use a shaver…

#356. Connected cracker contents

A gift?

Thats says it all… but does anyone ever use anything from a cracker? screwdrivers

#355. Marble display

Marble spots


Marbles in the spots of a domino…

#354. Beer handle

beer handle

Seems fitting for this time of year…. Duct tape as a beer handle for the more sophisticated drinker… drinkscan

#353. Calendar candles

candle chocolate


Hopefully my last christmas themed entry… I’ve used the finished advent calendar to recast shapes with candle wax…

#352. Clove lights

orange light

Another christmas themed object. A use for old bulbs instead of cloves, but not very smelly… Christmas lights

#351. Christmas clean


One of those fancy looking scourers that I bought awhile for another project. Folded and stapled for christmas, a tree covered in these might be nice…

#350. Top 2 top

milky metly


Slightly more constructive way of using the blow torch… A milk bottle top melted into a beer bottle top, needs another top to fill it.

#349. Measure melt

melting measure


Blow torch destruction again but I like parts of this…

#348. Pencil paste

pencil paste

A lovely, fresh, minty pencil case. toothpaste tube

#347. Fire spray

fire spray

Lighter attachment.. spray top

#346. Tape 2 tape

tape to  tape

tape taped together…with Sellotape.

#345. Roll tall

roll tall

I sawed off a section of  lining paper and then extended it back…

#344. Chalk broke it off…

chalk down


I took this photo a few days ago…i’ve been editing it for too long…they were two pieces of chalk.

#343. Chalk roll

chalk roll


Chalk covered toilet roll tube…or just a way to sharpen chalk…

#342. New rope

New rope


We all buy things because we are attracted to them in some way. I’ve bought many things over the years because I thought they had potential, I opened this up today and here it is…

#341. Juice top

juice top


More minimal effort, but still trying to make the mundane interesting. Beer bottle top with juice in..

#340. Cling film

cling film


if in doubt make a joke… a video film covered in cling film.

#339. Real 3D

real 3d glasses


Real 3D drawing…

#338. Play war

lego soldier


Now this is playing… you looking at me?

#337. Christmas cutters

christmas stars



Had this as a tree shape first then it fell over and looked better…cutters as decorations…

#336. Melted maze

Melted maze


Blow torch treatment again…this keeps the ball away from the middle. Ball = me, middle = goal…. An endless metaphor?

#335. Money for old rope

found rope

I think this is the first object I have not changed in some way except it’s context… If you want to be the one who makes this title come true then bid here

#334. Tie brush

tie brush

Cable ties become bristles on an old brush handle… paintbrush

#333. Cable tied stick

Cable tied

An experiment on the end of my stick…

#332. Bottle opener

This is another #161 Decanstructed but sprayed black…. I love the idea of reducing an object for resale and less multifunctional. Any takers? can opener

#331. Real reminder

Yes I really did drill some Post its and stuffed a tissue through…to remind me to blow my nose.

#330. Tissue refold


Tissue unfolded and refolded differently…

#329. Sink tangle

Sink unblocker shaped…?


#328. Cotton reel


A mixer… that’s me. cotton wool and cotton….

#327. Cotton shots

Two different shots of cotton… cotton wool

#326. Portable ruler..


Shortened tape measure to the size of ruler – it’s the future.


#325. Elastic reel


Elastic bands stored on an old reel thingy..

#324. Cable spinner


Cable ties on a salad spinner bowl… needs finishing though…

#323. Ten thin rolling


A crowbar rhyme, sorry. A clump of mini gloss rollers…I like the squished shape.

#322. I wondered lonely…


Broken Polystyrene packing and notice pins as legs…. yes I know it’s ‘wandered’ lonely as a cloud, but this does seem to some up the project…

#321. Battery prize


Two lowly things come together – Raffle ticket and an old battery. Waiting to be won?

#320. Pinned round


Pins in a cork place mat…..more noticeable?


#319. Safety matches


Matches made to look burnt with black pen…should have squashed them too.

#318. Chalkboard table


So the next development of the paste table using blackboard paint for displaying objects…it will will be finished off with an acrylic top.

#317. Colour wheel

cotton buds painted and inserted into drilled wheel…

#316. Notice cup

A Polystyrene cup stuck with pins…nearly average.

#315. Cotton buddies


I love this…I discovered how to experiment again, I made this while being filmed for the exhibition. Made from 4 cotton buds (Q tips) and wire.

#314. Bucketstool

Wooden discs strengthen buckets for sitting on, maybe also for the show…

#313. Bucket and paste table

So a pasting table again with circle cut out for a bucket. Might have lots of these for displaying objects for exhibition.

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