#360. Two warm

two warm

So here it is last object of 2012 (not worth waiting for) but I thought It would be fun to revisit the hot water bottle that I started with all those days ago. I hope you have enjoyed looking at my madcap adventure into playing with the mundane. It’s been fun, hard, exhilarating and confusing, etc… So I will try and continue the odd thing here to keep you amused. If you want 366 objects then add the ones in extra pics… An exhibition of these objects starts 13th January in Scunthorpe At 20 21 Gallery. Thankyou for checking in and your support over the year. All the best for for 2013, regards Jason.


#359. Drawing pin

Drawing pin


Serious play…

#358. Pencil protection

Pencil protect

Drawing pins…

#349. Measure melt

melting measure


Blow torch destruction again but I like parts of this…

#348. Pencil paste

pencil paste

A lovely, fresh, minty pencil case. toothpaste tube

#347. Fire spray

fire spray

Lighter attachment.. spray top

#346. Tape 2 tape

tape to  tape

tape taped together…with Sellotape.

#345. Roll tall

roll tall

I sawed off a section of  lining paper and then extended it back…

#344. Chalk broke it off…

chalk down


I took this photo a few days ago…i’ve been editing it for too long…they were two pieces of chalk.

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