#332. Bottle opener

This is another #161 Decanstructed but sprayed black…. I love the idea of reducing an object for resale and less multifunctional. Any takers? can opener


#330. Tissue refold


Tissue unfolded and refolded differently…

#318. Chalkboard table


So the next development of the paste table using blackboard paint for displaying objects…it will will be finished off with an acrylic top.

#314. Bucketstool

Wooden discs strengthen buckets for sitting on, maybe also for the show…

#313. Bucket and paste table

So a pasting table again with circle cut out for a bucket. Might have lots of these for displaying objects for exhibition.

#311. Cut and paste table…


A nice drawing table from a pasting table…

#310. Dust shovel


A dustpan sprayed black…..

#303. Natural travel sponge

A scaled up version of #130 using a large tic tac case and a big bath sponge.

#286. Many heads are better…

another lego pen, sorry had to be done if it hasn’t already – I never check these things.

#275. Scrub spoon

Shocking, man makes something slightly functional….Hole drilled in wooden spoon with metal scourer.

I did the same to these spoons  in #46

#249. Tin lid magnets

Tuna tin can lids with stickers make nice promo magnets for the local project I’m working on. These will end up on lamp posts and hopefully will be taken home.

#241. Corn drain

Another lazy one…as, if you know my work this is similar to a tuna can transformation. This though would function quite nicely as a pen holder… I normally ignore the sweet corn tin can, but it is underrated.

#232. Vinegarcil

Meh…although it has given me another idea.

#208. Light candle


Mojo back?

#199. Yogurt hamster wheel

I have come full circle… recycling my own ideas now!

#198. Hinge hook

A large hinge bent to make a hook shape for hanging doors on??

#186. Lego pens

I raided my sons lego box for this…and drilled them! kinda functional for a change.

#161. Decanstructed

Took off the arm of this can opener – I guess it’s just a bottle opener now…. or Could opener, can’t opener etc…


#160. Cen pan…

Blue pens in a blue Tin can… obviously? Decorative storage…

#156. Clip frame.

Two clips can become a stand up frame for photos…

#147. Canfan

A drinks can as a windmill, I used a coat hanger to make it…. not exactly a revelation but my son said “dad, you made that without buying anything” drinkscan

#144. Take away art.

Like with a lot of these silly creations I don’t check if anyone has done it before but this is one I’m sure of…. but I love it anyway…I’ve printed directly on to the lid…They would work just great as stand up picture frames.

#135. Beer issue

Beer bottle with most of a toilet roll squeezed inside… some late night experiments and it ended with this!… might smash the bottle for tomorrows.. title came from miss spelling when saving image…

#134. Strawberry basket

Leffe bier cork thingy used as strawberry protection in transit…
more French holiday ones to follow…

#129. Cake shades

Little lampshade eyes for my transformer #118. with cake cases and cups.

#126. Banana hanger


#118. Transformer.

Had fun with 25 multi sockets as they were on offer at local supermarket at 25 pence each… Impressed my son with this one when I lit it up . This one looks a lot better in real life.

#117. Handle cotton.

Just cotton round and round… kind of an ergonomic handle, but had to go a bit further and did a tine…


#107. Clip on..

I guess it’s nice when the days are connected..I bought some big clips today and then used the bulb from yesterday. Low voltage runs through the clip to help light it.


#106. Pie lamp..

I kinda like this… daft little delicate lamps.. could be a theme? Used a pen case for stand.

#103. Can dle light

I guess it makes candles last longer but not batteries…

Tin can, Led push light and candles with ‘o’ rings on them…

#101. Electric candle

So…. I had this switch stuck on a can for ages, then today I put a candle in the can to get the idea but thought it would be better on just a bigger candle. I think having two switches makes it even weirder…



#94. Spray light

A bit silly but why change a habit…but at least I made it work. spray can

#93. Fork candle


My mums old garden fork. I wanted originally to put 4 candles in it to complete the ‘Two Ronnies’ joke but decided on the nicer solution…

#84. Door brush.

So there has been some effort made, had to take apart this metal handle to make it turn like this… honestly I’ll get around to screwing it to the scrubbing  brush… others made today might have more going on are here.. extra pics


#75. Wrist clips

One of those I’ve started so ‘ll finish things…my second piece of jewellery, the another one is #19.

#65. Bungee shock

Electrical cord? So the bungee cord reminded me of the cord on the iron. I had already chopped off one end, so it made sense to stick it in a plug…. This has taken me back to a few years ago when I was playing with the idea of electrical sockets being more mechanical… A plug in hook maybe? electricplug

#62. Light sealant

Not pretty but I’m liking this balance between concept and function…lots of good themes in this that could be developed e.g. you can trap a bulb but….. Also one more squeeze and the bulb gets it.

#57. Heart fires

Not sure why I did this… but could work as a birthday card. Playing card

#55. Light roll

Paint roller made into a light because the bulb just fitted…

#45. bread bag


Bread packaging turned into handbag or maybe a posh bag to feed the ducks?

#44. plaque plaque


Maybe this could be a bathroom mirror?

#39. Hot blown biro

One of my faves so far, not sure if it’s been done before (but I don’t care) I thought it was a true discovery. After melting loads of pens over a camping stove I thought about glass blowing and then tried to make sure I didn’t breathe in….

#31. Floaty light

A B&Q lamp with a new shade – a toilet float from a cistern.

I like the idea of buying a light from a shop and the shade from the plumbing section.

Another Pic

#26. Scrub sweep

Saves getting down on your hands and knees….Scrubbing brush with pole from sweeping brush.

#25. Pencil brush

Well, the handle from the brush was going spare…i’ll stay away from pencils for now. paintbrush

#24. Brush pencil

Not much I can add, except it has probably been done before…what do you want, blood? paintbrush

#20. Phone warmer

I’ve now got one of those fancy rubber cases for my phone…. mini hot water bottle with head cut off.

#19. 2p or not 2p

A ring made from a two pence piece coin… extra pic.

#15. Hook Binder.

This broken binder was already lying around so I saw it had potential to be a hook, surprised how good it was.

Love the idea of locking coats up.

#8. Pencil club

Golf club was hanging around from a previous project and I looked around to see what would fit.

#6. Yogurt pots vase

Yogurt pots with holes in base except the bottom one…water adds stability.

#4. Brush keyring

Paint brush with handle cut off…. weirdly like a rabbits foot. paintbrush Keys

#3. Brush hanger

Scrubbing brush and part coat hanger…

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