#236. Table (tennis) light


They used to call these light bulbs – Golf ball bulbs but I think it’s the wrong sport. I didn’t want to drill my old table tennis bats but found this mini one to mock up this light idea.

#228. Solar yogurt

So this is me trying to resolve my experiments… My yogurt pot hanging basket has doubled into a sphere recently and today I added solar powered fairy lights. This might go into the town for the festival with Junkstop.

#208. Light candle


Mojo back?

#197. Kilner lights

Led lights in a kilner jar… My mum had just bought these for her garden… I guess they would be even more waterproof outside now.

Christmas lights

#166. Idea pencil

A pencil to help inspire you… check extra pics for full pic.

#151. Pepsi light….

Sorry that was an unforgivable pun…. another reuse of an idea from Pepsi pear from the other day. drinkscan

#146. Light bag


A vacuum bag light… Sorry I have drawn over the instructions to make them stand out more…but now it sucks..

#129. Cake shades

Little lampshade eyes for my transformer #118. with cake cases and cups.

#118. Transformer.

Had fun with 25 multi sockets as they were on offer at local supermarket at 25 pence each… Impressed my son with this one when I lit it up . This one looks a lot better in real life.

#109. Yogurt light

Another little light… I like the use of the big clip to help it stand up.

#107. Clip on..

I guess it’s nice when the days are connected..I bought some big clips today and then used the bulb from yesterday. Low voltage runs through the clip to help light it.


#106. Pie lamp..

I kinda like this… daft little delicate lamps.. could be a theme? Used a pen case for stand.

#103. Can dle light

I guess it makes candles last longer but not batteries…

Tin can, Led push light and candles with ‘o’ rings on them…

#94. Spray light

A bit silly but why change a habit…but at least I made it work. spray can


Led keyring torch stuck in a plug…electricplug

#63. Whisk torch

For making cakes in the dark… or a fake cake.

#62. Light sealant

Not pretty but I’m liking this balance between concept and function…lots of good themes in this that could be developed e.g. you can trap a bulb but….. Also one more squeeze and the bulb gets it.

#55. Light roll

Paint roller made into a light because the bulb just fitted…

#31. Floaty light

A B&Q lamp with a new shade – a toilet float from a cistern.

I like the idea of buying a light from a shop and the shade from the plumbing section.

Another Pic

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