Exhibition Booklet..



#295. Cups contained


An Ikea box with plastic cups…there is a reason for this…

#260. Melted hexagons

Pens connected together by melting the tops…. a bit like Hama beads that you iron together but I’ve used a blow torch…

#258. Half dried


Same object used in #59 a drying ball but now cut in half…

#256. Fountins

Been playing with this idea for too long for project Junkstop and now nearly complete… it will join two more sets to complete the sculpture and go outside for the two week New Mills Festival.  It started out as a tree but then I thought of the pun on fountain and I think it’s more fitting. 63 cans in this one.

#238. The thirty nine keys


Had these lovely donated keys for awhile and thought i’d make them look lovelier together…

#228. Solar yogurt

So this is me trying to resolve my experiments… My yogurt pot hanging basket has doubled into a sphere recently and today I added solar powered fairy lights. This might go into the town for the festival with Junkstop.

#226. Plug nuts

Some of these things I throw together are very much work in progress, this is no different… spanner


#206. Digital analogue

So it’s been awhile since I really liked one, so here it is video tape on DVDs…

#202. Safety candle…


Tea light candle back to front?

#176. Match stock

I had dismissed this experiment a few weeks ago… but in desperation I made another version… I think the title just saves this one…

#166. Idea pencil

A pencil to help inspire you… check extra pics for full pic.

#144. Take away art.

Like with a lot of these silly creations I don’t check if anyone has done it before but this is one I’m sure of…. but I love it anyway…I’ve printed directly on to the lid…They would work just great as stand up picture frames.

#141. Balloon spoon

I could explain why this means more to me than meets the eye, but It’s late… metal spoon

#137. inside issue

So finally smashed the beer bottle from the other day and released the toilet roll tissue I’d stuffed inside.
A weird kind of rubbish cast.

#132. Strong straw.

straw with hole strengtheners?

#131. Cup cakes

Polystyrene Cups with bottoms cut out and cleaning cloths rolled up inside….

#127. Balloon joint

polystyrene cups with holes and joined with a balloon…looks a bit like a sailor too??

#125. Ball and socket

A lazy one but I kinda like it… a crown silver light bulb in a tin can, might be a ball and socket joint?

#119. Wave bands

2 for 1 – Elastic bands and cocktail sticks….

#118. Transformer.

Had fun with 25 multi sockets as they were on offer at local supermarket at 25 pence each… Impressed my son with this one when I lit it up . This one looks a lot better in real life.

#117. Handle cotton.

Just cotton round and round… kind of an ergonomic handle, but had to go a bit further and did a tine…


#116. Cotton cocktail.

Err…cotton wrapped onto a cocktail stick… It’s probably the smallest thing so far.



#112. Colour and curves…

Balloons on top of yogurt pots…. I love how covering things with balloons adds colour and curves.

#107. Clip on..

I guess it’s nice when the days are connected..I bought some big clips today and then used the bulb from yesterday. Low voltage runs through the clip to help light it.


#106. Pie lamp..

I kinda like this… daft little delicate lamps.. could be a theme? Used a pen case for stand.

#100. Watering can.

Not sure I want to turn this into a milestone but I have…. Found some water taps in the garage and I turned to one of my reliable friends the tin can and voila….

#99. Card cheat

So I picked up a box of paper clips and a pack of playing cards and started to play… Ideally I wanted them to be all connected together but I started this too late, so they are stood up.

#97. Jar Jar links


Two jars held together with mesh…might be a vase. Obviously The Star Wars reference makes it.

#89. Elastic mop.

For some reason I felt I should make my own mop, then spotted a bag of elastic bands and finished off with a plunger handle. It would be quite useless as a mop, I’ll try and discovery another use for it…7/10

#85. Halogen horn

er… more mockery.

Horn part and an old halogen bulb

#84. Door brush.

So there has been some effort made, had to take apart this metal handle to make it turn like this… honestly I’ll get around to screwing it to the scrubbing  brush… others made today might have more going on are here.. extra pics


#83. Dust ball

A duster in a dog ball toy… a baby toy? or just throw it round the room while cleaning.


#82. Cocktail grater

I have been wanting to find something to use in a grater for awhile and then along came (well bought) cocktail sticks. I then realised that they have a connection with cheese…. you might think of a better name for this one.

#76. Handle sphere


#71. Second hand can

I have made hundreds of can clocks in workshops etc. it was nice to mess with the idea a bit…with a large catering Tin can.

#70 loops

Live and neutral loops on a multi socket. electricplug

#67 Painted nail brush

I liked the circle stickers on these nails then found a way of displaying them…on a scrubbing brush.

#65. Bungee shock

Electrical cord? So the bungee cord reminded me of the cord on the iron. I had already chopped off one end, so it made sense to stick it in a plug…. This has taken me back to a few years ago when I was playing with the idea of electrical sockets being more mechanical… A plug in hook maybe? electricplug

#63. Whisk torch

For making cakes in the dark… or a fake cake.

#22. Pencil Curve

I’m penciling in a theme…sawn and then used magic… or is that glue?

#15. Hook Binder.

This broken binder was already lying around so I saw it had potential to be a hook, surprised how good it was.

Love the idea of locking coats up.

#13. Sponge fingers

Hands that do dishes…this was fun.



#11. Clothes up peg

Peg meets full cream milk bottle top used a mini soldering stand with magnifier told hold it and enlarge it.

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