#355. Marble display

Marble spots

Marbles in the spots of a domino…


#349. Measure melt

melting measure


Blow torch destruction again but I like parts of this…

#347. Fire spray

fire spray

Lighter attachment.. spray top

#343. Chalk roll

chalk roll


Chalk covered toilet roll tube…or just a way to sharpen chalk…

#342. New rope

New rope


We all buy things because we are attracted to them in some way. I’ve bought many things over the years because I thought they had potential, I opened this up today and here it is…

#335. Money for old rope

found rope

I think this is the first object I have not changed in some way except it’s context… If you want to be the one who makes this title come true then bid here

#321. Battery prize


Two lowly things come together – Raffle ticket and an old battery. Waiting to be won?

#282. Hammer stand


Two spanners holding back the drop of a hammer…

#258. Half dried


Same object used in #59 a drying ball but now cut in half…

#256. Fountins

Been playing with this idea for too long for project Junkstop and now nearly complete… it will join two more sets to complete the sculpture and go outside for the two week New Mills Festival.  It started out as a tree but then I thought of the pun on fountain and I think it’s more fitting. 63 cans in this one.

#238. The thirty nine keys


Had these lovely donated keys for awhile and thought i’d make them look lovelier together…

#214. Can stand

My cut tin cans stacked up – architectural? A new olympic venue for bungee jumping?

#212. Wire ball


Some of my old wire cables wound together… it might grow.

#206. Digital analogue

So it’s been awhile since I really liked one, so here it is video tape on DVDs…

#202. Safety candle…


Tea light candle back to front?

#191. Two strain

Two mesh sink strainers together…

#183. Line challenge

Half way stage – it’s been hit and miss… here’s a hit? I thought of nothing colouring in the white line until I thought it might have something to say…

#182. Yogurt melt

I like this one…. carefully melted yogurt pot.

#137. inside issue

So finally smashed the beer bottle from the other day and released the toilet roll tissue I’d stuffed inside.
A weird kind of rubbish cast.

#130. Travel sponge

A sponge squashed into a tic tac sweet box…I’ll be taking this on my hols to Paris tomorrow!

French inspired objects to come??

#124. Matchy

Surprisingly this worked better in real life than I had imagined… Two cocktail sticks stuck into the head of a match… I don’t know why.

#121. Can belt.

A big jubilee clip crushing a tin can, I like how you can’t see the destruction until it’s turned round.

#113. Yogurt colour wheel…

Made with the brilliant Makedo reusable system for Earthday!

#112. Colour and curves…

Balloons on top of yogurt pots…. I love how covering things with balloons adds colour and curves.

#108. Mop dyed

Hmmmm… I have been wanting to dye a mop for a few weeks now, finally did it today and now I’ve forgotten why. I guess it subverts your normal reaction to it.

#104. Chutney tower.

Not very everyday in my house, but couldn’t resist buying these chutney pots – 8 for a pound…. drilled and botled together….Similar to Brancusi’s ?

#102. Match dice

I don’t really know why I did this… but it fits with my favourite theme of making objects not work anymore.

#101. Electric candle

So…. I had this switch stuck on a can for ages, then today I put a candle in the can to get the idea but thought it would be better on just a bigger candle. I think having two switches makes it even weirder…



#100. Watering can.

Not sure I want to turn this into a milestone but I have…. Found some water taps in the garage and I turned to one of my reliable friends the tin can and voila….

#93. Fork candle


My mums old garden fork. I wanted originally to put 4 candles in it to complete the ‘Two Ronnies’ joke but decided on the nicer solution…

#88. Mop up

I tried different ways to contain and make a mop stand up, then I remembered I had this mesh…

#87. Fire ball starter

Kindle in a dog ball….three different pics of it.

#85. Halogen horn

er… more mockery.

Horn part and an old halogen bulb

#82. Cocktail grater

I have been wanting to find something to use in a grater for awhile and then along came (well bought) cocktail sticks. I then realised that they have a connection with cheese…. you might think of a better name for this one.

#80. Going down the toilet?

A world made from a toilet float….

#79. Record punch

Made @creacon12 (creative conference at Portsmouth Cathedral) out of two donated objects (a record and a hole punch) – took some time to make this look right. Photo taken on train coming back home. 6hrs later….

#78. Fire starter

This was weirdly made in a hotel room last night…. When this kindle snaps it’s fingers it is dead.

#77 Kindle log

Bits of kindle connected together with matchsticks and then blowtorched. A kinda reformed log…

#73. Plug stack

So I was messing about with plugs, trying desperately to put them together with something and make them special. I was getting no where, so I decided to keep it simple. Having them in pairs kind of makes this nearly work…electricplug

#70 loops

Live and neutral loops on a multi socket. electricplug

#68 High five can

Five tin cans squashed to make height of normal can…

#64. Electric scourer

I liked how this battery and magnet could be used as a base for something…. so I gave it another copper top.

Duracell + magnet + scourer = an object that couldn’t be more useless – I love it.

#62. Light sealant

Not pretty but I’m liking this balance between concept and function…lots of good themes in this that could be developed e.g. you can trap a bulb but….. Also one more squeeze and the bulb gets it.

#58. Float bolted


A toilet float bolted and then tightened…

#57. Heart fires

Not sure why I did this… but could work as a birthday card. Playing card

#55. Light roll

Paint roller made into a light because the bulb just fitted…

#54. Nail brush


I thank you… i’m here all week… I started to use matches at first then thought ‘what are you doing? you should be using nails!’

#51. Rock float

Toilet float, pebble and wood…. opposites attract – light/heavy, rough/smooth, colour/b/w??

#50. Nine handles..

Made a handle from a toothbrush but I thought it needed more…

#48. Pen cil


Carved pencil thinner to fit inside a pen….I nearly like this.

#43. Penned in.

15 pens and a balloon… fun to draw with.

#42. Just the tip…

#40. Tree hangings

kindling and coat hangers…. kindle

#36. Funnel trap

so…elastic band, screw, funnel and peg.   I like how the elastic band is stretched inside and the peg stops the screw from flinging out.

#35. Tense pencil

Messing about with a door stop, discovered a pencil fits then tried to make it more interesting with string…

#29. Pine pair

Ikea is pretty everyday now…this is the bit I never use and pine cones.

#28. Screwball

Another one of those – i’ve started so i’ll finish ideas….I fall back too easily in repeating ideas. Toilet float with screws…

#23. Safety pencils

Only use if you like the smell of burning rubber….lovely old matchbox.

#22. Pencil Curve

I’m penciling in a theme…sawn and then used magic… or is that glue?

#18. Plunge sinker

Back to more familiar territory – messing with the function of things. noticed that this plug hole had a similair shape to the plunger so I did the done thing…

Check this for another pic

#10. Screw salad

A salad spinner basket thingy…One screw was applied I did the done thing and continued until I ran out of screws…

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