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Touring show continues

Everyday Objects with new objects made with old objects…



Everyday Objects at The Gallery at Munro House

Everyday Objects Exhibiton by Jason Taylor – Leeds Gallery, Munro House.

I am currently reworking the the show for Platform gallery in Clitheroe 29th July – 8th Oct. I’m hoping to call it Everyday Objects : More of the same – but with some new work…


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The project that went on and on… Since 2013 Everyday objects the touring show has been to 7 galleries around England and I have had the opportunity to develop it each time. A big thank you must go to 20-21 Gallery Scunthorpe for there support and agreeing to turn it into a touring exhibition. I would also like thank Barnsley Civic Gallery and The Harley Gallery  for supporting new work.

Its been a fantastic way of developing my work  and tapping into this big database of little ideas. I’m going to kick start this blog and catch you up with things that were developed from the project – if that’s ok….


Objects Everyday

object cloud large

So here’s a cloud of all the objects used in the project – I’m developing the project for The Harley Gallery in Worksop.  Go here for the interactive version

#304. Candle(s)

candle made from tea light candles.

#301. Wine spoon


A serving spoon with wooden fork and foil case… inebriated play!

#214. Can stand

My cut tin cans stacked up – architectural? A new olympic venue for bungee jumping?

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