#334. Tie brush

tie brush

Cable ties become bristles on an old brush handle… paintbrush


#254. Lamp holder

So this is what I meant to do yesterday but I got diverted, putting a lamp bulb fixing on objects to store them on lamp holders (obviously not wired ones..) This one is storing #4. This project eats itself once again. paintbrush

#157. Brush key

A dysfunctional tribute to #4 Brush Keyring… with a little help from a magnet drilled into a scrubbing brush keys

#139. Training brush

Back from France with my fancy french sweeping brush and then I added my old trainer…wished I’d bought another one now.

#122. Hook store.

A third of the year and this is the best I can do, I may as well…store my collection of coat hanging bits in a scrubbing brush. hangers

#120. Cotton brush

Not brushes again! Bit of  a lazy late one…because I’ve exchanged a lot of bristles over the years this time on a scrubbing brush.

#96. Shuttle brush

I haven’t tried it yet… bristles from a sweeping brush replacing..

#90. Brush mix

I can’t leave brushes alone…. So I mixed up a sweeping brush with a washing up brush.

#84. Door brush.

So there has been some effort made, had to take apart this metal handle to make it turn like this… honestly I’ll get around to screwing it to the scrubbing  brush… others made today might have more going on are here.. extra pics


#74 Electric brush


A fake electric sweeping brush…

#67 Painted nail brush

I liked the circle stickers on these nails then found a way of displaying them…on a scrubbing brush.

#34. Brush brush

#4 added to #26

Does this mean i’m struggling? Scrubbing paint… paintbrush

#26. Scrub sweep

Saves getting down on your hands and knees….Scrubbing brush with pole from sweeping brush.

#25. Pencil brush

Well, the handle from the brush was going spare…i’ll stay away from pencils for now. paintbrush

#24. Brush pencil

Not much I can add, except it has probably been done before…what do you want, blood? paintbrush

#4. Brush keyring

Paint brush with handle cut off…. weirdly like a rabbits foot. paintbrush Keys

#3. Brush hanger

Scrubbing brush and part coat hanger…

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